P/N 36991- KaVo Kerr Nexus Universal Clear Refill


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Nexus™ Universal Adhesive Resin Cement allows dental professionals to save time while maintaining up to 2x higher bond strength than other comparable cements. It allows clinicians to use their preferred cementation technique while remaining confident in its exceptional bond strength.

Features include:

  • Can use with any cementation technique
  • Save time with dark cure technique when using any OptiBond™ adhesive or other leading universal bonding agent
  • No need to apply a primer, activator or adhesive to the substrate–simply apply the cement
  • Exceptional bond strength thanks to GPDM Monomer technology (same as in the OptiBond family of adhesives)
  • One-Peel™ Cleanup makes removing excess cement easy
  • Chroma option dipsenses pink and fades to the cement shade to indicate optimal time to clean up
  • Multiple shades to match a variety of patient cases

Item includes: 2 x 5g Syringes

Shades to choose from: Clear, Clear w/ Chroma, White, White Opaque, Yellow, Bleach

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