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Mojo™ Veneer Cement from Pentron shifts confidence, not shade! It is a light cure, esthetic cementation system that is designed for use with porcelain, ceramic and composite veneer restorations.


This ideal cement offers two very important features:

  • Try-in gels that consistently match the polymerized cement
  • No detectable shade shift


The simple, highly versatile shade selections designed for a simple warming or brightening of the veneer, allow this material to be used with a wide range of veneer cases, while offering the least amount of detectable shade shift available. Cement shades include Light, Dark, Clear, and Movie Star™ White, and each shade is complimented by a water soluble try-in gel that matches perfectly to the cured cement. Mojo allows you to give your patients the self-confidence they deserve, creating a natural, seamless smile!

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