P/N VVC1T- Pulpdent Activa BioActive Cement Single Pack Transparent


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ACTIVA™ BioACTIVE Cement by Pulpdent stimulates mineral apatite formation and natural tooth remineralization that bonds to the tooth and restoration together, fills micro-gaps and prevents sensitivity. It reacts to the pH cycle of the tooth to release and recharge calcium, phosphate and fluoride. This cement has a rubberized-resin that provides greater resistance to chipping and fracture than any other dental cement. It is indicated for indirect restorations, implant dentistry, CAC/CAM and glass ceramic restorations and more.


Features include:

  • Made of an innovative 3-component formula: bioactive ionic resin, rubberized resin, reactive glass filler
  • Tough, resilient, fracture resistant and shock absorbing
  • Insoluble so it won’t wash out or crumble
  • Releases and recharges fluoride, calcium and phosphate
  • Chemically bonds to stop bacterial microleakage
  • No sensitivity
  • No etching or bonding required
  • Light cure and self cure
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