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Panavia™ 21 from Kuraray is a dental adhesive cement that directly bonds to cut enamel, dentin, composite, porcelain, base, semi-precious and precious metals. ED Primer ensures an effective mild one-step conditioning of cut enamel and dentin, so that there is no need for acid etching or rinsing. There is no post-operative sensitivity. Its high strength paste/paste formulation provides a consistent mix with convenient working times and setting times. The practical dispenser gives additional convenience in mixing the pastes at the correct ratio. Panavia 21 is available in three shades: white (EX), tooth color (TC), and opaque (OP).

Features include:

  • High bond strength to cut enamel, dentin, metal, silanated porcelain and cured composite
  • ED Primer for effective one-step conditioning of cut enamel and dentin without having to rinse
  • Easy handling
  • Convenient dispenser measures precise amounts of paste for consistent results
  • Anaerobic setting properties provide extended working time and trouble-free cleaning
  • Low film thickness for accurate setting
  • Radiopaque and insoluble
  • Great for cementing metals, porcelain, composites, posts, adhesion bridges/splints, and bonded amalgam restorations

Refill includes: 1 4mL Syringe Catalyst Paste and 1 4mL Syringe Universal Paste

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